Let's Golf More | 5 Ways to Make Junior Golf More Fun
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5 Ways to Make Junior Golf More Fun

Golf is the family sport - something that brings together all ages and can be enjoyed for a lifetime. Starting your kids early is good, but starting them off in the right way is much more important. Teach them the love of the sport and focus on fun, friends, family, AND then the fundamentals. We have 5 tips to making sure your litle golfers learns that it's fun first and then worries about the score later.

1. Explore the game

Golf is ultimately a game of creativity. Kids are naturally curious, inquisitive, and creative. Let them explore the game on their own at the outset. Don't focus on the things that make it a game - rules, ettiquette, scoring. Focus on the things that make it fun - being with friends, enjoying nature, hitting a good shot. Follow them around and explain the things they're curious about. The rule of thumb is this: You are there to do what they want to do, not what you want them to do.

2. Etiquette for safety, not for stuffy

Some of golf's etiquette are for the protection of other golfers and the enjoyment of all - focus on keeping your kids safe. Where to stand, what to do when you're not hitting, paying attention to the golfers around you - YES. How to replace a divot - YES, but LATER

3. Use the right equipment

Gone are the days when a sawed down set of Dad's clubs are the only option. There are numerous systems that grow with your kid's bdy and your kid's interest in the game. We start with SNAG (starting new at golf) because it focuses on the fun and not hitting a small white golf ball. Kids quickly learn the athletic elements of golf and can apply these skills to a traditional golf club.

4. Focus on the hole and move backwards

Too often we focus on hitting from the range, but kids can have the most success immediately by working backwards from the hole. Start with putting. Kids love seeing the ball go in the hole and it provides instant feedback. Plus it's the same results they see from mom and dad. Chipping is the best way to advance the swing as you move to a more complete swing. No one starts with a 300 yard drive. Start where your kids will see the most instant feedback.

5. End it like you do - with a treat

How do you end your rounds? With a beer, cocktail, stogie, and a laugh with your friends. Make sure your kids get to enjoy the full experience of why you like to golf - friendship, camaraderie, and a treat to make all the bad shots a distant memory.

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