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Are You Making the Most of Your Golf Event?

We see hundreds of golf events hosted at Oak Glen each year – many of them are fundraisers for a charity or cause. We’ve been asking our golf outing coordinators how much they raise during the day of their golf event and the results are all over the place. Sadly, it’s our guess that the energy and effort for almost all of our events are similar. So what gives you the biggest ROE (return on energy)? We have some theories and have put in place a number of tools to help our outing coordinators raise the bar when it comes to raising funds for their charity golf event.

Give everyone a way to be involved - don't just limit your guests to golfers. The golf is an attraction, but it isn't the only attraction and frankly it isn't the main draw for many of the people who want to be involved with your organization. Don't limit yourself the the 144 golfers. Find ways to involve others in the day. Our staff offers great customer service to your players, but have you considered having a sponsor or guest of honor ride along in the bev cart to mingle? Have you considered other non-golf festivities to compliment the golf event? We have a short, Executive course across the street. With the proper timing, we could host a hackers event, or a FootGolf tournament. The Browns Creek bike trail runs through the golf course, would you consider a bike parade or 5k fun run?

Golf is part of the party - but the after party is where it's at - Do you offer, dinner-only options for your guests? The after party is where the real fun is had and there are likely lots of people who would prefer to show up later for dinner, drinks and the hoopla after the golf. Open your guest list to dinner-only. At Oak Glen we have room for up to 350 guests. Charge for the party and expand your guest list. The work is already done, you might as well fill the room.

Are you selling everything we're selling you? Our typical golf event includes a round of golf, riding carts, range balls, cart signage, tournament scoring. Are you looking at each of these as opporunities to engage your guests? Raffle off one of our carts you decorate or stock with a cooler and some treats. Offer warm-up lessons on the range from one of our PGA Professionals. Sell sponsorships on the cart signage, on the scorecards, on the live scoring or mobile scoring.

Are you asking for just a donation? Our event websites allow for online registration of golfers, sponsors, diners, but are you asking for additional donations on-top of the registration fees? Ask for a open donation - you'd be suprised in the generousity.

We have hundreds of ideas and we've seen the best of the best make the most of their golf event. Ask us for help early and we can turn your effort in to $$ for your charity.

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