Men's Club Championship

Oak Glen Cup Men's Club Championship

The Men's Club Championship will be hosted Saturday, August 5th and Sunday, August 6th with tee times starting at 7:30am both days. This event is open to all players with a USGA handicap. Players will be paired within their flight based on handicaps the first day and based on score the second day.

Item Fees
Greens Fees (2 rounds) $74
Prize Pay In $50
Total Fees $124

The field will be separated into several divisions including a Championship (gross) flight and three net flights in addition to a senior (age 55+) flight. Players may be entered in both the net and senior flights if they choose. You must designate whether you are playing in the championship or net flight when you sign up.

Flight Tees
Championship (Gross) Blue
Flight 1 (Net and Senior) White or Gold (65+)
Flight 2 (Net and Senior) White or Gold (65+)
Flight 3 (Net and Senior) White or Gold (65+)

Past Men's Club Champions

Year Men's Club Champion Senior Men's Club Champion
2016 Ryan Heroff  
2015 Drew Lynch - 135 (scoring record) Dean Andrews
2014 Tony Gabriel - 144 Dean Andrews
2013 Dan Leopold - 146 Dean Andrews
2012 Ben Costello Bill Knoff
2011 Mark Choiniere Bill Knoff
2010 Ben Costello Dean Andrews
2009 Luke Carlson Doc Dolan
2008 Dean Andrews Dean Andrews
2007 Tony Gabriel Bernie Jordahl
2006 Dean Andrews Doc Dolan
2005 Dean Andrews Bernie Jordahl
2004 Tony Gabriel John Dolan
2003 Bernie Jordahl John Dolan
2002 Bernie Jordahl Bernie Jordahl
2001 Joel Harrington Jim Erickson
2000 Tim Blegen Jim Erickson
1999 Troy Pearson Jim Erickson
1998 Greg Goode Jim Erickson
1997 Greg Goode Jim Erickson
1996 Jim Erickson Jim Erickson
1995 Bud Dock Bud Dock
1994 Dean Andrews Jim Erickson
1993 Marty Hansen Jim Erickson
1992 Pat McKenzie Ray Appel
1991 Jim Erickson Howie Schultz
1990 Pete Mogren Bruce Folz
1989 Dave Paulus Emery Barrette
1988 Tim Cheslak Emery Barrette
1987 Jeff Buelow Art Kato
1986 Pete Mogren Paul Aihers
1985 Bruce Butwin Dave Croonquist
1984 Pete Mogren  
1983 Dave Linquist