Golf Board

Surf the Earth Golf Boards

18 Holes$25

  1. Watch video and sign waiver
  2. Book online
    Heads up! Golf Boards are only available to tee times marked
    "Golf Board and 18 holes"

9 Holes$15

  1. Watch video and sign waiver
  2. Book online
    Heads up! Golf Boards are only available to tee times marked
    "Golf Board and 9 holes"

What is the GolfBoard?

GolfBoards add a new dimension of fun, action and excitement while improving speed of play. Take the independence of walking, the leisure of riding and the fun of surf/skate and you get the GolfBoard. Strap your bag to the front, put your drink in the cup holder, thumb the throttle and you're off! Shift your weight from side to side to literally carve the course up. Reserve your board for just an additional $25 by booking online or calling the Golf Shop. Prior to your first ride, a short instructional video and waiver form are required.

Frequently Asked Questions

GolfBoards are a new sight on the golf course and Oak Glen is the first to have the GolfBoard in Minnesota. Naturally, there are going to be a few questions about how these crazy things work and whether they're as much fun as they look (hint: they are!

The GolfBoard moves just under speed of a golf cart—up to 10 miles an hour. There are two speeds - Low and High. Low goes roughly 5 mph and High can go 10-12 mph. We typically see "boarders" start in Low until they're comfortable and quickly switch to High in the fairways. It's easy to toggle back and forth as you approach new terrain or close quarters. Additionally, there are two directions - forward and reverse. If you get caught in a trick spot, you can easily reverse.

We don't think so and we haven't heard differently from the first, many riders. We've had all ages and sizes give the boards a go and after a short introductory ride, everyone quickly feels confident with this new mode of transportation. When we see new "boarders" make the turn, they are typically starting to "carve" a little and look like naturals.

The GolfBoards go everywhere a riding cart goes on the course AND MORE. The GolfBoards are lower impact on the turf, so you can take yours right up to the approach of the green and close to the tee box.

You may want to arrive at least 15 minutes earlier than normal the first time you ride to get acquainted. Our staff will give you a quick review and we have an wide-open area we encourage new riders to practice before they get on the course. You may just want to show up early to show off to the other golfers!