Does your junior golfer need clubs this summer?

We're offering affordable, complete junior sets for sale this year. You can order online from our site or during your registration for the junior program. The sets are designed to help your junior see success and have fun! Add a set to your junior's registration.

About our Junior Golf Programming

We believe golf is a life-long sport to be enjoyed by friends and families across generations. For us, the best way to develop skills is to make the game fun first. Once your child has developed interest, we'll work on developing the skills. We have "swim lanes" to group junior golfers by age and skill. These groupings are meant to make sure our junior golfers are comfortable and positioned to have fun while developing their skills. However, you know your kid best and your schedule best. We want kids to like it, so put them with friends or siblings even if their skills don't perfectly line up. For a more complete list of questions and answers, check out our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Just Starting out - Shorter Group Clinics

Showing Interest and Independence - 8 Week Group Clinics with 9 Holes of Golf

Junior Golf Training Program

Is your junior golfer looking to improve their golf game this summer?

Our Junior Golf Training Program is a series of four Saturday golf clinics for juniors ages
10-15 who are serious about the game of golf and are looking to improve their score.

Junior Programming Age Recommendations

Our junior programming is designed to progress junior golfers into new skills as they feel comfortable. However, in our opinion, the most important element for juniors to learn golf is to have fun. If you have questions about which program is right for your kiddo, take a look at our recommendations. If you know your kid's skill, maturity, and friends better, feel free to sign your kids up for the program that works best for their schedule.

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